Aki  Ojalehto
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“ Tech head with a visual twist ”

Hi! My name is Aki and I'm a developer based in Jyväskylä, Finland.

I have always been interested in technology and I have grown up with computers. I have been focusing on web development and open source have been a big part of my journey. I enjoy contributing back to the community when my schedule allows.

Visual precision is a must for me and I'm always thorough at whatever I do. I have also done some visual designing, brand appearances and print products – you name it.

Work experience


I have done quite a lot of web services and sites, dozens, well over a hundred at least. I seriously have no idea of the actual number – I have probably forgotten most of them.

To name a few different, here are some projects I have worked on:

Kiilto Oy

Kiilto Oy


Technical Architecture Web Development Integrations  (e.g. Product Information Management)

Studio Tempo

Liikunta- ja fysiostudio Tempo


Brand Appearance Visual Design Technical Architecture Web Development Print Products

Avant Tecno Oy

Avant Tecno Oy


Web Development Self-made PIM 20 languages Integrations  (e.g. Sales Presentation Applications)


Jyväskylä Educational Consortium

hae.jao.fi  /  video.jao.fi

Technical Architecture Web Development Multistage mobile uploads Integrations  (e.g. Youtube API)


Open Source

Modern web is mostly build on top of open source solutions and it's everyone's benefit to make the tools as good as they can be. It can be time-consuming, but I'm happy to share my solutions if possible. Even thought I haven't had much time to spare for the open source lately, I'm e.g. still #13 in the world on the list of contributors of Concrete5 (one of the best CMS out there).

Say Hi!

Who are you and how did you end up in here? Leave a few words and let me know your story or reach out to me with your preferred method of contact.

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You can find me on social networks, don't hesitate to connect.

I have never really adabted to facebook personally. I still manage multiple business sites and I have done applications and advertising on it so I know it pretty well, but don't expect to see my personal posts on it  😄